5 Signs That You Are Dealing With A F*ckboy

5 Signs That You Are Dealing With A F*ckboy

Being a girl is already hard enough, but being a girl that has to deal with a f*ckboy is even more difficult. And sorry ladies, they won’t be becoming extinct anytime soon. So to help you save yourself and your VALUABLE time. I have decided to tell you the 5 early signs to look out for when you are indeed, dealing with a f*ckboy.

*Also will be suppling text examples, that people have so kindly provided me for this post*

1. His main compliments to you, are about your body.


If he never compliments your mind, kindness or applauses your accomplishments. But lights up when talking about your body or that you are “so hot.” Then you will be labelled as a hook-up only girl in his eyes and that’s it.

2. He says EXACTLY what you want to hear. 

You’ll confront him about something that you’ve heard or saw, and he’ll simply reply with something like “You are right. I’ll do better.” or “There’s nothing to be worried about” or my favourite line, “I’ll change.” Bull crap, they never change because f*ckboys do what f*ckboys want. And they know exactly how to convince you, that everything will be different.

3. He ghosts you for days, and then rolls into the DM’s like everything is A-OK.

IMG_1229Ever been ghosted? Ya not fun. But seriously, being good at ghosting is like an accomplishment for them. He’ll do something like not talk to you for hours, days or even weeks and then one day, he’ll pop up in your messages. Saying anything from “You up?” or “That instagram photo though” or the good old “Hey!” And when you ask why you two haven’t talked in awhile, he’ll say “SORRY been super busy” AKA some other chick popped into the equation for a couple days, but now she’s gone so whats up?

4. When you ask what you two are, he’ll give you a response that gives you clarity but not an actual answer. 


My two favourite lines are, “We’re having fun, lets not go into this too fast” and “I don’t know what I really want right now, but I like you.” Explaining that he still wants to talk to you and keep you as a back burner but you’ll never become anything more than that.

5. He doesn’t care what your hopes and dreams are.

Tbh he could careless about how your day was or what your future goals are. If the topic comes up, he’ll probably say something along the lines of “I’m tired” or “Very nice” Because at the end of the day, he really doesn’t care about you. The only thing going on in his mind is “what bullshit do I have to say to this girl to get her to sleep with me or continue to.”

So ladies, if any of these signs are relevant to you and your relationship with your so called “guy,” then I think its time you rethink and remember what you deserve. And what you deserve is a guy, thats not a f*ckboy. And trust me, they are out there. We’ve just gotta wait, for the good ones.

With love..



  1. January 4, 2018 / 12:12 am

    Yassssss girl, LOVE it. I can’t imagine who provided you with such AWESOME texts 😘

    Preach tho.

  2. Samantha
    January 4, 2018 / 10:22 am

    This is literally amazing. Wow. You rock!

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