Travel Memories of 2017!

Travel Memories of 2017!

2017 was an incredible year for me. It not only saved me and made me a better person, but I also got to do some travelling. The memories I created and everything I got to discover in these countries, was truly an amazing experience and am so thankful to have gotten the opportunity to do. That I have decided I would share with you guys my travel memories of 2017!

This year was all about adventure. So when my mom asked if I’d like to travel with her this year to some countries in Europe. There was no hesitation. WELL DUH!



Our first stop was PARIS, France. The city of love… And boy did Eiffel in love with this place.


After Paris, we headed to Provence and then Nice. Two STUNNING places! I would highly recommend heading to Nice, if you go to France.


Our next stop was.. GREECE! And let me tell you, Santorini did not disappoint! The views didn’t even seem real. And their sunsets.. holy it was beautiful! Definitely my favourite place we went to and would go back in a heart beat.

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We also spent a night in Athens and the Acropolis was the most spectacular thing I have even seen in my life… People made these ruins with their BARE HANDS! And they are still up to this day.. Truly remarkable.


Our last and final stop was Italy. We travelled to Rome first! And again, the ruins were INSANE!! And their pasta… and wine… and gelato.. and cannoli’s… Delish!! Also if you were a Lizzie McGuire fan growing up like me, I would of done her proud… I definitely gave the performance of my life to “What Dreams Are Made Of” outside of the colosseum.


We finished Italy off in beautiful Venice.


I am so grateful for the places I visited this year, and I CANNOT wait for where 2018 will take me.

With love..


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